Kata Gambar Bergerak

Few quote’s from my favourite movies

“I feel everything is gonna be alright if I’m with you.” | “How did you know? You don’t even know me?” | “I’m talking about feelings, not knowledge.”

– Transporter 3 (Valentina & Frank Martin) –

Be careful chief.. If you dig out the past, you only get dirty.

– Minority Report –

Bambi: “I feel so alone.” | Bambi’s Mother: “I’m always with you. Even when you can’t see me, I’m here.”

– Bambi –

A spoonful of sugar, that is all it takes. It changes bread and water into tea and cakes.

– Bert (Mary Poppins) –

I have a strange feeling that love actually is all around

– Love Actually –

You had me at “Hello..”, you had me at “Hello..”

– Jerry Maguire (Dorothy Boyd) –

Death is just another step in our playground

– Ticker (Frank Glass) –

You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be.

– Kingdom of Heaven (Godfrey of Ibelin) –

Photo by Karen Zhao on Unsplash

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